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Expandable Container House journey to explore unknown areas!


     Expandable Container House journey to explore unknown areas!This Expandable Container House can not only meet our daily needs, but also bring a unique living experience. Despite its simple appearance, the interior layout design is quite clever! The living space, kitchen and bedroom are all fully equipped, as well as large windows that allow you to enjoy the sunshine. It is simply a small but exquisite dream space!

     What’s even more exciting is that this Expandable Container House is extremely adaptable. You can set it up wherever you like, whether it's the countryside, the beach or the lake, you can always find the most beautiful scenery as the background of your house. And, no need to worry about the hassle of moving!

     You only need to dismantle the Expandable Container House, put it in the container, take all the luggage, find a place to settle, and build it again and you're done! It is simply the best choice for lazy people to move.

     The Expandable Container House design is inspired by origami and can be easily unfolded and folded.

🌈Expandable Container House Ingenious structure and modular creativity, easy to store and transport;

👌Expandable Container House,Not afraid of wind and rain, not afraid of ice and snow, earthquake resistance and disaster reduction, zero weather impact;

🔥Expandable Container House,Insulated and fireproof, not stuffy or dry, comfortable and livable all year round.

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