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Expandable Container House


Do you want ahttps://www.lianshenghouse.com/30ft-and-40ft-expandable-container-house.html?It can be expanded anywhere,it's used to a lot of fields,such as engineering construction, temporary housing, road construction, temporary schools, temporary hospitals, etc.If you want to know more detailes,

These Expandable Container houses ,expanding designs allows for a practical and spacious living alternative that feels like a home. Each layout option offers functional kitchen area, open plan dining and living space, a bathroom like home. All designs come with homely features and options to suit all budgets. These layouts allow our clients access to instant living.

Lian Sheng has 20ft,40ft and small two wings expanding container houses which can be your home,office,mobile hotel or villa. You can customize their outlook and internal layouts as per your special requirements.

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