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Installation Manual

The bottom frame is connected with screws to the bottom beam and the bottom side beam, purlin 8*4 square pipe x9 are connected with screws
Moblie Capsule House
Each column is fixed with six sets of hex bolts, and the column screws do not need to be tightened
Premium and Luxury Capsule Room
Use a line drop and a level to measure the perpendicularity of the column
Modular Homes
The top frame is connected to the top beam and the top side beam with screws, and the drainage hole faces outward.
Space Cabin
Install five top purlins
Capsule Room
Install three transverse square tubes and fix them at the welding Angle of the top short beam.
Container Storage
Four columns for downspouts
Tiny House Apple Cabin
Install 831 ceiling tiles 8 pieces
Tiny Space Capsule House
Top with rock wool roll
Moblie Capsule House
Install roof shingles
Premium and Luxury Capsule Room
The edge of the ceiling tile should be sealed with a rubber hammer. It is strictly forbidden to step on the roof single tile directly during construction. Two square pipes need to be prepared to assist construction before stepping on square pipes.
Modular Homes
Install the cement pressure panel. 1.6 Evenly install the plastic floor. Install wall panels and doors and Windows
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