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Collapsible Shipping Container
  • Collapsible Shipping ContainerCollapsible Shipping Container
  • Collapsible Shipping ContainerCollapsible Shipping Container
  • Collapsible Shipping ContainerCollapsible Shipping Container

Collapsible Shipping Container

Lian Sheng International stands at the forefront of manufacturing excellence, presenting Collapsible Shipping Containers that redefine versatility and convenience.Ready to transform your space with our advanced Collapsible Shipping Containers? Contact us today to explore how our innovative solutions can meet your specific needs and elevate your experience!

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Product Description

Lian Sheng International leads the way in innovative living solutions with our Collapsible Shipping Containers. As experienced manufacturers, we bring you advanced designs that offer versatility and efficiency. Elevate your living or business space with our collapsible containers—a perfect blend of modern functionality and cutting-edge engineering.

Collapsible Shipping Container: It is a detachable and foldable container mobile home. It is the future development direction of temporary housing. It can solve these problems very well.

Collapsible Shipping Container Advantages:

1: The product has a small depreciation rate and can increase its service life.

2: Save transportation costs, a building area of 100 square meters: one truck can transport it all.

3: It can greatly reduce installation costs and save money greatly.

Collapsible Shipping Container Features:

Flexible and changeable: The Collapsible Shipping Container adopts a slide rail design and can be opened and closed at any time. The opening and closing range can be adjusted at any time according to changes in weather and seasons. It can be fully opened when you want to ventilate in summer, and fully open when you want to keep warm in winter. Closed, very flexible.

Safe and reliable: The aluminum alloy frame of the Collapsible Shipping Container is strong and stable, and the PC sheet also has strong weather resistance and wind resistance, ensuring safe use.

Beautiful and elegant: Collapsible Shipping Container has various appearance designs, including curved, gabled, multi-arch, etc., which can adapt to the aesthetic needs of different customers and make your home more beautiful and elegant.

Standard box:

Size: 6055*2990*2896mm

Area: 18.1 m²

It adopts bolt connection, can be disassembled and is easy to install (3-4 people can complete the installation)

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