Tiny Space Capsule House
  • Tiny Space Capsule HouseTiny Space Capsule House
  • Tiny Space Capsule HouseTiny Space Capsule House
  • Tiny Space Capsule HouseTiny Space Capsule House

Tiny Space Capsule House

Lian Sheng International high quality Tiny Space Capsule House is a construction model that can assemble a complete house relatively quickly. Its main features are that it is easy to dismantle, store easily, can be reused many times, and has the properties of a temporary house. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Product Description

Discover the epitome of compact luxury with Lian Sheng International's Tiny Space Capsule House. Crafted in China with a focus on high quality, these innovative dwellings redefine small-space living with style and efficiency.

Tiny Space Capsule House Details:

The indoor usable area of Tiny Space Capsule House is much larger than that of traditional houses, because the wall thickness of traditional houses is generally thicker than that of container houses. Moreover, most of the building materials it uses can be recycled and the cost is relatively low, making it the main choice for green and healthy housing.

Tiny Space Capsule House installation notes:

Packing container houses have gradually replaced traditional brick-concrete structure houses. Traditional brick-concrete structure houses destroy the environment and reduce the area of cultivated land.

Pay attention to the ground treatment during the installation process. If the ground is wet or watery, it will also affect the service life of the packaging box room during use.

1. During the installation process, pay attention to the dry installation environment of the packaging box room.

2. During the installation process, attention should be paid to leaving an appropriate distance between different types of rooms, which will facilitate the ventilation of the packing box room and allow sunlight to reach the room. Many construction projects tend to ignore this point during the installation process, so it should be paid attention to during the installation process.


Compared with traditional prefabricated houses, packaging container houses have a lower turnover rate and are basically put into use once. It wastes materials and also requires a lot of steel and labor. The thermal insulation effect is poor and it is easy to produce more construction waste. This new type Box-type houses are more green and environmentally friendly. They are basically prefabricated in the factory and can be hoisted directly on site. The prefabricated production in the factory is more standard and standardized. The strict manufacturing process makes this kind of mobile house have good sealing performance, and all are connected by bolts. There is no electric welding construction in the assembly, which is easy to operate and facilitates later dismantling and turnover. It does not damage the assembled components and can also reduce the construction waste generated during the installation process. Moreover, steel is used as the main structure, which has strong wind resistance, earthquake resistance, and deformation resistance. It has good airtightness and is warm in winter and cool in summer.

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