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Celebrating birthday party, Qindao Lian Sheng International Trade Co., Ltd. gathered together


Big hands hold small hands, and laughter comes. Qindao Lian Sheng International Trade Co., Ltd. held a birthday party today in its cozy office space to celebrate the birthdays of its employees. It was a time of laughter, gratitude and unity.

A corner of the company was decorated picturesquely, with colorful balloons and colorful ribbons dotting every corner. The employees, neatly dressed and with bright smiles, walked into this place filled with a festive atmosphere.

At the beginning of the event, everyone sang happy birthday songs together and sent their most sincere blessings. The carefully prepared birthday cake was served to the table, and the colorful candles flickered, symbolizing that the company would be prosperous and full of vitality in the new year.

At the birthday party, company leaders delivered a warm speech, thanking every employee for their hard work and dedication in the past year. On this special day, the company also prepared exquisite gifts for birthday employees to express their care and blessings.

As laughter and blessings continued, the birthday party reached its climax in a warm and harmonious atmosphere. This birthday celebration not only narrowed the distance between colleagues, but also enhanced everyone's collective sense of honor and cohesion.

At this special moment, Qindao Lian Sheng International Trade Co., Ltd. sent warmth and blessings to its employees in a unique way, so that every birthday employee can feel the warmth of a big family. In the future, the company will continue to work together to create a more brilliant tomorrow.

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