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Prefab Container House Introduction


Prefab Container House Introduction, expandable house, prefab house, capsule house

Prefab container house, It is usually made of steel, in terms of specific specifications, packing box room in the Chinese market 3X6 meters packing box as an example, its common materials are 4 vertical rods, the left and right structure each four bearing beams, Angle head also called (T-nut) 8, connecting the Angle head and the structure, the pole of the screw 64, 4 groove plate, the bottom structure of the bearing beam 9.

Prefab container house

The panel wall and cast-in-place board are made of two color steel tiles with rock wool board or glass silk wool insulation layer in the middle.

Expandable house

At the same time, the packing box room also has a special drainage pipe, hidden in the four vertical poles, optimizing the water seepage safety risks of the house.

Capsule house

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