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Is there a difference between Modular Homes and Mobile Homes?


Yes, there is a difference between modular homes and manufactured homes, although both are manufactured types of housing.

Modular Homes:

Construction: Modular Homes are built in sections or modules in a factory setting, just like mobile homes. However, they are constructed to comply with local building codes for the area in which they are placed.

Transport and Assembly: The modules are transported to site and assembled together on a permanent basis by local contractors. They look very similar to traditional timber frame homes and can be extensively customized.

Quality and longevity: Since Modular Homes need to comply with local building codes, modular homes are often considered to have higher quality and durability than manufactured homes. They can appreciate in value just like traditional site-built homes.


Construction: Manufactured homes, formerly known as mobile homes or trailers, are built entirely in a factory on a steel chassis on wheels. They are built to federal building codes set by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) rather than local codes.

Transportation and placement: Once built, they are transported to the site and placed on a permanent or semi-permanent foundation. Although design advancements over the years have improved their aesthetics, they often have more of a "mobile" or "trailer" appearance.

Regulations and Resale Value: Manufactured homes are subject to different regulations and may not appreciate as much as modular or site-built homes. However, they can offer greater affordability and faster construction times.

To summarize, the main differences are construction standards, regulations, and appearance. Modular homes are built to local building codes, look more like traditional homes, and often have a higher perceived value. Manufactured homes built to federal regulations tend to be more affordable, but may not appreciate as much in value as other types of homes.

Modular Homes
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