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Disadvantages and advantages of Prefabricated Container House


Disadvantages and advantages of Prefabricated Container House

Let me talk about the shortcomings of  Prefabricated Container House first. The biggest shortcoming of the fire protection is that without a roof, it will produce relatively loud white noise, such as the sound of raindrops. 

However, it is not as you imagine. It will be very hot and very cold in winter. Now all container houses come with a 50mm to 75mm insulation layer. 

The advantage of the Prefabricated Container House is that the first welded container cannot go to places because some roads on the construction site cannot enter the garage. With this prefabricated container house, he can transport the entire container to the site as parts for installation. , I can go where he can't go. The shape of the second prefabricated container house is quite flexible. It is not like some special packing systems that can only use fixed long boards. It can be used like we do home decoration. 

What material do you want its exterior to be? , it is what kind of material it is. If you want its interior decoration to be luxurious, then it is luxurious. It is very flexible and can meet the needs of customers with different purchasing budgets. Finally, the biggest advantage  of Prefabricated Container House is that he can install it very quickly and can install at least one set in a day.

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