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3D quick assembly container house perform better than traditional container room


Products advantages

3D quick assembly container house  perform better than traditional container room.

1. Effectively avoid the problem of water leakage: drainage in the sink around the perimeter + bolting at the head instead of welding, the use of Luban's wood falcon comparable to the way of the steel falcon comparable to the innovation;

2. Save 50-60% shipping cost than traditional welding products: can be bolted and shipped in bulk;

3. Save installation costs: no crane installation, 2-3 people can easily install, easy to load and unload;

4. Repeatable disassembly and use: environmentally friendly, reduce the generation of waste garbage, green low-carbon products;

5. Excellent product quality, steel plate thickness from 2.2MM: the same quality products are guaranteed to be the lowest price

6. Personalized customization: the design and decoration is becoming more and more diversified.

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