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prefabricated and modular home
  • prefabricated and modular homeprefabricated and modular home
  • prefabricated and modular homeprefabricated and modular home
  • prefabricated and modular homeprefabricated and modular home
  • prefabricated and modular homeprefabricated and modular home
  • prefabricated and modular homeprefabricated and modular home

prefabricated and modular home

Introducing Liansheng International, a leading supplier in China offering innovative solutions like the prefabricated and modular home. Our cutting-edge containers redefine efficiency with their swift assembly process, utilizing advanced 3D technology.

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Product Description

As trusted suppliers, we pride ourselves on delivering quality solutions tailored to meet diverse needs. Whether for temporary structures, events, or rapid deployment scenarios, our prefabricated and modular home provide a seamless blend of speed, durability, and functionality. Partner with Liansheng International for forward-thinking solutions in container technology.

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Container house, also known as container mobile house, refers to a simple residence that is mainly made of containers as the basic material and has been transformed into a simple residence with windows and doors. The packing box is a type of container house, but it has stronger performance and longer service life than other types of containers.

Packing boxes are large loading containers with certain strength, rigidity and specifications. The size is close to that of a building room. The lengths are mainly 6m and 12m, the height is about 2.9m, and the width is 3m.

People modify the packing boxes, open doors and windows, decorate the interior, and add beds, sofas and other furniture and electrical equipment to transform them into container houses. This kind of container house is almost the same as the house we usually live in.

Classification of packing boxes

In foreign countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands, packaging containers have been widely used in many fields such as private residences, offices, and transitional housing. There have even been packaging container blocks and container cities, and they have been generally recognized and accepted by the public.

Packing box functions

1. Residence 

2. Small exhibition hall 

3. Hostel 

4. Bar 

5. Ward

Advantages of prefabricated and modular home

1. Easy to transport, especially suitable for units that frequently change construction sites.

2. Sturdy and durable, all made of galvanized steel, stable and firm, with good shock-proof performance. It has strong anti-deformation ability; good sealing performance, and strict manufacturing process makes this kind of mobile house very watertight.

3. Develop personalized art by utilizing the characteristics that enable personalized creation. Make it personalized and in line with personal characteristics and pursuits.

4. prefabricated and modular home is based on a single box and can derive many combination spaces. Such as conference rooms, dormitories, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. The standard width is 3m, the height is 3m, and the length is 6m to 12m.

5. Easy to disassemble and assemble, superior performance and light weight. The house is an integral structure with an internal frame. The walls are composed of color steel plates and glass wool or rock wool. They can be faced with wooden boards and can be moved as a whole. The service life can reach more than 20 years.

6. High quality, low price and reusable. Recycling a waste packing box can save 1.7 tons of steel and 0.4 cubic meters of wood, reduce 3.49 tons of carbon dioxide, and generate no construction waste. If 100,000 used containers are used in a year, 349,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced and 340 million kilowatt hours of electricity can be saved. Packing box module technology can reduce construction time by 70%.

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