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A-frame Triangle Prefab House
  • A-frame Triangle Prefab HouseA-frame Triangle Prefab House
  • A-frame Triangle Prefab HouseA-frame Triangle Prefab House
  • A-frame Triangle Prefab HouseA-frame Triangle Prefab House
  • A-frame Triangle Prefab HouseA-frame Triangle Prefab House

A-frame Triangle Prefab House

A-frame Triangle Prefab House is a modern and efficient solution for modular construction, and Lian Sheng International stands out as a reputable supplier in China. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Lian Sheng International delivers cutting-edge Folding Container Houses that meet the diverse needs of the construction industry.

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Product Description

As one of the leading suppliers in China, the company ensures a seamless blend of durability, functionality, and cost-effectiveness in our A-frame Triangle Prefab House. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial applications, Lian Sheng International's Folding Container Houses showcase the latest advancements in modular construction technology, making them a reliable choice for projects of varying scales and requirements.

Advantages of A-frame Triangle Prefab House:

1. Transportation Efficiency Folding Container House exhibit significant advantages during transportation. When folded, they occupy minimal shipping space, reducing logistics costs and enhancing transportation efficiency.


2. Flexibility and Convenience: Folding Container House can be quickly expanded or collapsed, showcasing high levels of flexibility and convenience. This makes them highly practical for situations requiring temporary accommodation or offices, such as construction site dormitories, exhibition display areas, or temporary offices.

3. Rapid Installation: The installation speed of Folding Container House is exceptionally fast. With a simple pull and push, they can be opened and undergo basic installation within 3 minutes. This efficient installation process saves time and human resources, especially suitable for temporary projects or emergency situations that require rapid deployment.

4. Reusability: Folding Container House are characterized by good reusability and scalability. They can be disassembled and assembled multiple times and can be expanded or rearranged as needed. This flexibility and adaptability make Folding Container House suitable for various scenarios and diverse requirements.

Folding Container House serve as the optimal solution for temporary residential, office, storage, and commercial buildings, offering versatility and practicality in various settings.

 Triangular light steel house 30㎡ configuration 
NO  Item Name   Size   Unit   Remarks 
1  LGS Structural System 
1  steel structure   G500+AZ150   ㎡   thickness 0.8cm 
2  Accessories    ㎡ 
3  ocean ridge   90*90*130°   pce 
2  Wall System 
1  Exterior wall OSB board (special grade pine)   1220*2440*9mm   ㎡   Extra waterproof red edge 
2  Moisture-proof breathing paper for exterior walls   1.5*50(grey)   ㎡ 
3  Metal carved board   380mm(W) (fixed length)   ㎡   See the breakdown diagram for details 
 Metal carved board (pine wood grain No. 7 single groove large orange peel)   4690*380*16mm   pce 
 3380*380*16mm   pce 
 2700*380*16mm   pce 
4  Interior wall OSB   1220*2440*9mm   ㎡   Extra waterproof red edge 
5  Interior wall stone plastic panels with sloping roof   400mm(W) fixed length 8mm thickness   pce   See the breakdown diagram for details 
 cedar white,DDL-807   5000*400*8mm   pce 
 4600*400*8mm   pce 
 3700*400*8mm   pce 
 3100*400*8mm   pce 
 2800*400*8mm   pce 
 2600*400*8mm   pce 
 2200*400*8mm   pce 
 4000*400*8mm   pce 
6  Bathroom cement fiber board   1200*2400*10mm   ㎡ 
7  Bathroom wall tiles   300*600   ㎡ 
8  Bathroom interior wall polyurethane waterproofing   25kg/bucket   bucket 
3  Floor and ceiling systems 
1  2mm foam pad   ㎡ 
2  Ground stone plastic floor   4mm   ㎡ 
3  OSB board (2nd floor floor) (special grade pine)   1220*2440*12mm   ㎡ 
4  Baseboard (matte black)   H 10cm,3m/pce   m   matte black 
5  Bathroom floor tiles   30*30   ㎡ 
6  Ceiling OSB board (special grade pine)   1220*2440*9mm   ㎡ 
7  Ceiling stone plastic board(DDL-893)   pce   10pces 2.2m 
 2200*400*6mm   pce 
 1300*400*6mm   pce 
8  Ceiling line (matte black)   3m/pce   m   matte black 
4  Roof System 
1  OSB board (special grade pine)   1220*2440*12mm   ㎡   Extra waterproof red edge 
2  Self-adhesive waterproofing membrane   1.5mm厚,-15℃,20㎡/卷   ㎡ 
3  Carved panels at the bottom of the eaves ((Pine grain No. 7 single-groove large orange peel))   2000*383*16mm   pce   (Pine grain No. 7 single-groove large orange peel) 2m/pce 9pces 
4  Self-locking tile (grey)   5520*380*.45mm   pce 
5  Self-locking ridge tile (grey)   3m/pce   m 
6  Cornice pieces   m   3m/pce
 Metal tile folding parts (grey) 
5  Thermal insulation and sound insulation system 
1  wall insulation cotton   12000*1200*100 14㎡/roll 15Kg/m³   ㎡ 
2  Ceiling glass wool (second floor)   12000*1200*100 14㎡/roll  15Kg/m³   ㎡ 
6  Indoor and outdoor door and window edging system (excluding inner doors) 
1  Outdoor broken bridge aluminum triangular fixed window (black)   ㎡   Black (fluorocarbon spray) 
2  Outdoor broken bridge aluminum bottom-hung window (black)   ㎡ 
3  Outdoor broken bridge aluminum door opening (black)   ㎡ 
4  Invisible screen   pce 
5  Indoor bathroom titanium magnesium alloy door (black)   ㎡ 
7  Carved board accessories 
1 Starter piece Built-in starter piece (Yj-10509 Aluminum alloy gold) 6m/pce
2 Angle aluminum For floor (LOFT) sun angle
3 Outdoor aluminum alloy door and window cover parts (same color as metal tile folding parts) 70*50*3m/pce Metal tile folding pieces in the same color
4 Indoor window corner line (black stone plastic inner wall corner line) (Black stone plastic interior corner line)
8  Hardware accessories system 
1  Cross countersunk head drill screw  ST4.2*25mm/2000/bucket  Thousands of pieces   Fixed wall OSB 
2 ST4.2*25mm/2000/bucket  Thousands of pieces   Fixed carved panels for interior and exterior walls and ceilings 
3 ST4.2*32mm/1500/bucket  Thousands of pieces   Fixed roof OSB Fixed interior wall and ceiling plasterboard 
4 ST4.2*38mm/1500/bucket  Thousands of pieces   Fixed roof OSB Fixed interior wall and ceiling plasterboard 
5  Cross countersunk head clip lug drill tail screws   ST4.2*25mm   Thousands of pieces   Interior wall cement fiber board 
6  Silicone sealant (soft)   590ml/pce black   pce   The contact area between the water-discharging part and the carved board, and the gap between the Yin and Yang corners of the carved board 
7  Porcelain White 201   300ml/pce white   pce   For inner corners of interior wall panels 
8  Foam glue (for doors and windows)   750ml/bottle   pce 
9  wall tile adhesive   bag 
10 square tube 100*100*6000*1.5 thickness pce
9  stairs 
 design fee 

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